Sepsis in Children

Sepsis in Children

Throughout childhood, children will suffer from feverish illness. Most of them will recover promptly and bounce back to their usual healthy state. Sepsis in children is rare but it is always important to watch out carefully for certain symptoms if your child is unwell.

 If in doubt please ask, "Is this Sepsis?"

 Please seek urgent medical attention by dialing 999 if you have any concern about the well-being of your child.

These symptoms include but are not limited to;

  1. Difficult to rouse, feed, very restless, very sleepy or high-pitched cry
  2. High temperature - greater than 38oC
  3. Non blanching skin rash.
  4. Reduced urine output.
  5. Mottled skin - pale or dusky appearance of the lips, tongue, toes or skin

At Moor Park Paediatrics, we will work with you to arrange a prompt assessment of your child, initiate treatment and hopefully a rapid recovery.

The link here gives you some guidance depending on the age of your child of what needs to be done if your child is unwell.

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