Dear Dr. Menakaya, thank you to my child and family.

On this page, we showcase some of the feedback we've received from Parents and their children. Please note that for the sake of privacy, personal details have been omitted. If you would like to leave your feedback, please visit our Contact page to do so.

Dear Dr Menakaya, thank you so much for taking such special care of us and thank you for the kind gift as well as the card that put a smile on our faces and cheered us up when we were in hospital.

Sheikh Al-S.
9 July 2020

Dr. Menakaya made me feel valued, cared for and completely at ease, and even took the time to see me daily whilst I was in Hospital. He listened to my concerns and responded to them.

Mrs. G.
6 July, 2020

Dear Dr Menakaya, with many thanks I return your book. Very useful and has given us positive inspiration for weaning. Our daughter continues to thrive, sleeping well and enjoying her milk. Thank you so much for your help, advice and support

Mr. and Mrs. C.
18 June, 2020


Dear Dr. Menakaya, our daughter has turned 2 and we wish to write to thank you for your help in the last 2 years and to share some photos of our growing daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. D.
24 May, 2020


Dear Dr. Menakaya, my daughter's pain has reduced significantly with the treatment you gave. Before the treatment, her pain was 6.5  on a scale of 10 (10 being lots of pain)  and now it is down to 1.5 (by her ratings). Thank God!

Mrs. E.
7 May, 2020


Dear Dr. Menakaya, thank you for your advice. My son is feeling better. Thank you for your assistance.

Mrs. M.
30 April, 2020


Dear Dr. Menakaya, thank you for seeing us on such such notice. I'm so  pleased to hear that my son is fine and his development is normal. I will keep in touch if we have any concerns.

Mrs. P.
22 April, 2020


Dear Dr. Menakaya, my daughter is much better now. She is definitely on the right path. Thank you

Mrs. B.
2 April, 2020