Jaundice in the New-born

Jaundice in the New-born

Jaundice is very common in the new-born period. It is usually seen as  a mild yellow discoloration of the eyes and skin caused by a liver pigment, bilirubin. It affects about 1 in 2  newly born babies and is usual observed from the second day of life. For most babies, jaundice is harmless and with adequate hydration, disappears by the first week of life. In very few babies, jaundice may require treatment or it may linger on in your new baby for more than 2 weeks.

Here at Moor Park Paediatric Practice, we will work with you to diagnose jaundice, measure the levels of the bilirubin pigment in the body and implement  appropriate treatments required to resolve this condition as soon as possible

This link gives you an overview of jaundice in new-born babies and how we can help resolve this condition.

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