Coeliac Disease in Children and Young People

Coeliac Disease in Children and Young People

Coeliac Disease is common. It affects about 1 in 100 people in the population. If your child has this condition, it is because gluten, a protein that is present in wheat has caused some damage to the lining  (villi) of the gut. Coeliac Disease is a life- long disease. It is managed by ensuring adherence to a Gluten Free Diet.

Here at Moor Park Paediatric Practice, we will work with you to ensure that a confident diagnosis of Coeliac Disease is made, that education and support is given to you, your child, their social networks their schools and the wider family.

We will implement an individualised monitoring programme that ensures your child remains healthy throughout childhood.

This link will direct you to information on diagnosis, management and monitoring programmes for your child if coeliac disease is being considered.

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